Account Receivable Automation System

World’s First Bills/Invoices Money Collection Mobile App.

This application will use to manage your account receivable records at your finger touch. You can get and share all receivable bills information across to your customers and employees to make process faster and easier. This application has unique features for money collection men to collect money through this application and synchronize data to your ERP or Accounting software, no matter what technology you are using for your business application. This application can be use anywhere because no need of internet at all time on your mobile. Once data will be synchronized at your mobile through cloud server then you can take this application as a data carrier anywhere in the world. This application helps allow you to give prompt answer and share instant information to the relevant persons of your business even you can call, email or whatsapp to the relevant person from this app also.

Our portal is the bridge between mobile application and business application from which data synchronizations system is taking place by simple uploading and downloading of prescribed excel sheet format.

Of course, account receivable is the heart of any business and its function to manage money to the needed part of the business. Enjoy this application and save time and money to achieve desired goal in your business.

System Architecture


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