Businesses all around the world are increasing on ERP System as a cost efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their software applications. However, current ERP System suffers from a number of shortcomings which makes it difficult for the small/middle size organization to enjoy tremendous benefits of ERP:

Some of the basic features of ERP System:-

  • ERP helps to integrate the facilities of the information system which covers all functional areas like manufacturing, payable, Accounts, Human resources, selling, and distribution etc.
  • An ERP bridge informs the gap across organization.
  • It provides for complete information integration Systems in order to across the companies under the same management.
  • Its gives better solution for project management
  • It allows for automatic introduction of latest technologies like Internet, video conferencing, E-commerce, EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) etc.
  • ERP helps to eliminates business problems like material shortages, product enhancements, custom services, cash management, prompt delivery etc.
  • It not only address the current requirements of the company but also provides opportunity of continually and refining business processes.
  • It help to increase the business intelligence tools like Decision Support Systems(DSS), Executive Information System(EIS), Reporting data etc for enabling people to make better decision to improve business process.