How do you integrate barcode label printing into your existing infrastructure?

Which technology should you use to scan those barcodes?

How do I choose the best scanner for my application?

Which labels should be use for the materials?

All the questions are obviously arising before automation of barcode at your organization. At SAISUN we solve your all questions and give you perfect solutions by our experience and expertise. We have decent team and large collaboration with third party expertise to resolve your queries within the timeline.

A hardware device is almost useless without the proper software running on it.SAISUN as a total solution provider, we provide leading software solutions for your devices that integrate with your current network. SAISUN supplies a complete line of commercial barcode custom software solutions. There are many different software solutions to choose from, each with their own features and benefits that can improve your business practices. Our despatch management with stock tracking solutions are the most popular use for barcode software; however any form of data collection can be performed with different software solutions.

Available Solutions and Services

Despatch Management
The SAISUN’s DM allows Despatch Manager to split picks at the point of despatch, so that they can be loaded on to a variety of vehicles in a variety of ways.

Point of Loading Management
SAISUN’s POL allows the assignment of orders to a load plan, which can be created prior to sales order entry. Orders can be assigned to the appropriate load plan based upon selected criteria, and the corresponding details associated with the relevant customer and order.

Mobile/Wireless Device Software
When barcode scanners or handheld computers are used in a mobile environment, SAISUN can provide wireless device management software that improves performance, security, and simplifies support. This can be run in batch mode and also run in live mode.

Custom Applications
SAISUN also having qualified team to construct custom application for barcode solutions, Bring your issues and requirement towards us we can assist and deliver desired result by our custom software development services.

Barcode management systems provide tools to enable you to save time and money. Call SAISUN SOLUTIONS to discuss how our Barcode Software Solutions can help your company.