An Integrated financial and accounting system (IFAS) is popular accounting software system in India as well as in the world which specially developed for the help in monetary transaction process and solves the finance related matters of the organization.

Integrated Financial Accounting software (IFAS) will help in connect the different functional area of the company or organization like Store, Stock, Break even points, Point of sale, profit and loss etc. Its main function is to take record of business accounting and financial input and output transaction. It saves your time, man power and resources. Integrated financial accounting system (IFAS) enhances Speed, Accuracy and efficiency in your business financial and accounting transaction.

Integrated financial accounting software enables in handle whole accounting information of the company like Financial, Managerial, Accounting, Operational, and cash flow. This system reduces your work burden by combining work task of all departments including financial, managerial and cost.

Integrated financial and accounting software (IFAS) gave you real time information about your business transaction and accounting activity. You can record all information related to your enterprise through the one software. However, the business is big or small.

Accounting software reduces excessive work of the organization buy simplifying the accounting process. It will eliminate the need of maintain the financial and accounting record separately. Now a day’s all sector of the industry are focus on the cost effective method, which can save time and work efficiency. Integrated Financial Accounting software is ultimate solution of all your business activity which is related to finance and account.

So, get benefit of this software and reduce the unnecessary work of your organization. Accounting software and inventory software are popular software for maintain your business transaction and financial activity.