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About Us

SAISUN SOLUTIONS focus on different sector of fields as ERP System, iFAS, Custom software development, Web-design & development, Business promotion, consulting , which is used to customize and implement the unique bridge between client and us, in order to give you new gateway of development of your business surface.

It established on 2006 with the core of business model to get engaged with Enterprise Software development, in order to providing all the custom solution for your businesses. We are highly qualified technical team, which is used to fetch all perfect result for your requirements. As we are all understood the End-user requirements and our team only on focus on quality of work. It is our commitment to constantly improve upon our products and make them user-friendly as well as cost effective. Thus our team has creative and responsive idea to solve all your problems and work according to your assistance requirements.


SAISUN wants to be a dependable world-class organization. We shall imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship within each individual throughout the organization. We shall strive to achieve Quality Services by comprehending their need through close interaction and by creating a global network.

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“The Effective Enterprise”

Peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with your strategic goals. At SAISUN, we have imagined this, and are committed to helping you achieve this vision for the future. We do this by delivering solutions that promote agility, mobility, reliability and global effectiveness; deploying technologies that make applications simpler to support and more rapid and effective to use and learn; and using implementation methods to reduce risk and simplify effort.

How We Work

Software Development Service is a type of process in which it gets change dynamically in the field of industry, business, and technology. SAISUN SOLUTIONS brings all these solutions to the market place in an accelerated manner provide advantages to the business without wasting any time.

01.Requirement Gathering

For any business platform, analysis is very important step to setup any business and works according to that analysis report. The main focus of this analysis is to bring stake holder and manager together, in order to discuss all the steps of business and analyzed validity as per the requirement of business development. Analysis report helps to analyze next phase of the software development and also form a gathering between of holders to share efficient knowledge of their business.


This phase is very important part of any software development process. After gathering requirements from the customers, we analyze them with their business needs and then mold software as per their business requirement. This step is crucial for any software development.

03.Design Analysis

Design analysis can be done through all specific requirements of business and works according to that specific analysis. Design analysis is used to develop software and hardware of the system and also helps in defining overall architecture of the system.


After design phase, coding is very important phase for software development. Software developers is the core part of this phase and they design the entire system based on the analysis done previously.


After coding, testing is one of the important phase in which it is used to test all requirement of business, system, Implementation of design or module and basically all the necessary requirement of business.


Once all these phases have been done successfully, then delivery of services or deployment of software to the client is very important as per their needs.


Once the deployment is done to client, we provide maintenance support to our clients. Maintenance is the part of our software development life cycle and it helps us to build stronger customer relationships.