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Inventory software is a software which created for the companies to manage the inventory like Sales, Purchases, shipping, incoming, outgoing and related function area of the organization. Inventory software India is specially designed for the track and manage the companys product or service activity. In general term, Inventory Software is specific software which monitor and look after the entire supply chain and sales side of the business organization.

Now a days every company use Inventory software for reducing the excessive Administrative work related to sales and production department of the company and reduce the burden of paper work. It will help in save the time by scale down unnecessary work and improve overall process of the company.

Inventory Software Used to organize the Inventory data of the company. Inventory Software is an application which often uses barcode Software or other identifier tracking system to provide complete data of the shipping, storage and sales department of the production process.

The common term of Inventory Software can include many other aspects of the company’s operation. Like supply chain management system, Warehouse management system, Operation managing system. In Inventory management system you have to manage the all above tasks of the organization. Inventory Management is beyond the documentation, delivery of raw material and operation process of the company.

Features of the Inventory Software Management:

1. Order Management:

Inventory Software is mainly develops for the manage order of the company. The Order management inventory software is enables manager to records the product. This benefits the companies by avoid running out of products.

2. Asset Management:

This kind of Inventory Software is used to track the products through the barcode or other tracking criteria. This method is used when the product is in a warehouse or store.

3. Service Management:

Service provider company used Service management inventory software to track the cost of the material arise at the time of service providing. This will help in attach the prices and other cost related to the service.

4. Product Identification:

In Production Identification inventory software barcode tracking system is mainly used for track the code on the product. A barcode reader is used to read barcode on the particular product and look up the information of the products which company present.

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